Dakota Discipleship Podcast Episode 3 – Part 1 of an Interview with Eric and Casey Reimche at New Life on Main

I sat down with Eric and Casey to talk about the impact of small group ministry in the life of New Life on Main during transitions in the church and we had a great conversation. I want to encourage you to listen to this episode and hear about the power of regularly and also the positive testimony of how small groups impacted New Life on Main during a season of transition in the church. Be sure and subscribe to this blog if you want updates and new episodes when they are published

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The Power of Regularly

I am working on editing the podcast episode for this week. We will have a multi-part interview with Eric and Casey Reimche from New Life on Main in Harvey, ND about the impact that small group discipleship has made in their church. As I was editing, something stuck out that I wanted to share as a blog post as well. I will simply call it the power of regularly.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago the power of reading your Bible regularly. The more I think about it though, the more I realize this principle extends throughout all facets of our lives. We need to maintain rhythms in life to see change and growth. The benefits of exercise or diet changes come when we implement them as habits. Regularly. Our relationships with others are strengthened and grow when we give time and effort to them regularly. There is simply no substitute for the power of regularly.

The amazing thing about this word is it doesn’t define the interval by itself. It is more of a reflection of the determination there will be a next time to read, next time to work out, next time to assemble together, or a next time to share life together, and the power of those next times becomes cumulative in our lives and in our walk. We will talk more about our walk next week. This is the power of regularly.

So, let me encourage you to think in terms of regularly. Make the important things in your life, as a disciple, regular things. See what happens over time.

Beware of the Fade

My family got a membership to a local gym during the summer last year. We immediately dived in with some excitement at all of the ways we could utilize the membership. Swimming, climbing, workout equipment, a walking track, racquetball court, and the list could go on for a bit. My wife and I went nearly every day for a couple of weeks just trying new things. Then we hit a day here or there where we didn’t feel like going and decided to skip that day. The newness wore off a bit and routine set in instead.

We have still been going pretty regularly into the new year and it was at the beginning of the year that I noticed something interesting. Many of you probably already know what I am talking about. The parking lot is full and the gym is packed at almost any time we go. It wasn’t like this when we joined in the summer and I am pretty sure it won’t be like this by the time spring rolls around. Lots of people start strong on commitments, especially new commitments only to fade as time goes along and the newness wears off or the resolve wavers.

This happens in discipleship as well. When our commitment to Christ is new and fresh, the disciplines of discipleship seem easy. Reading our Bible and praying and worship and fellowship with other believers is a joy and exciting. But time can cause things to fade and habits to slip and fall by the wayside. It takes effort to keep going and remain faithful to the things we know we need to do in this walk of faith. I pray that you remember to watch out for the fade and don’t give in to it. Stay strong in the year ahead and beyond.