I am working on editing the podcast episode for this week. We will have a multi-part interview with Eric and Casey Reimche from New Life on Main in Harvey, ND about the impact that small group discipleship has made in their church. As I was editing, something stuck out that I wanted to share as a blog post as well. I will simply call it the power of regularly.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago the power of reading your Bible regularly. The more I think about it though, the more I realize this principle extends throughout all facets of our lives. We need to maintain rhythms in life to see change and growth. The benefits of exercise or diet changes come when we implement them as habits. Regularly. Our relationships with others are strengthened and grow when we give time and effort to them regularly. There is simply no substitute for the power of regularly.

The amazing thing about this word is it doesn’t define the interval by itself. It is more of a reflection of the determination there will be a next time to read, next time to work out, next time to assemble together, or a next time to share life together, and the power of those next times becomes cumulative in our lives and in our walk. We will talk more about our walk next week. This is the power of regularly.

So, let me encourage you to think in terms of regularly. Make the important things in your life, as a disciple, regular things. See what happens over time.

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